Who We Are

Hi-Tech Energy is a dedicated, aggressive oil and gas company.  We exist to serve accredited investors by providing high quality projects and maximum tax benefits.  We do this through a tightly defined and powerful strategy that might be called “contrarian,” and which we have previously executed with great success.

We acquire oil and gas properties at reduced costs in market down-cycles if they can be profitable at current market prices for oil and gas.  Then we are poised to enjoy the “upside” as market prices recover.  In short, “Buy low, sell high.”

We are located in a key area of the U.S. oil and gas industry, the State of Texas.  As a result, we have ready at hand a great wealth of expertise in engineering, geology, field operations, drilling technology, and plentiful state-of-the-art equipment.

Our Innovative Ways

With over $250 MM successfully raised, our team works tirelessly to provide the best strategy and portfolio accustomed to each individual based on their risk tolerance.

Our projects mostly range from low to medium risk, below are some examples

According to the Dallas Business Journal, Texas is home to nearly 44 percent of the United States’ operating rotary rigs, producing an average of 3,638,000 barrels of crude oil a day –more than a third of the total production for the U.S.

Hi-Tech Energy Group is a family-owned oil and gas investment company that takes pride in building relationships with investors over time.  Through transparency, through full and accurate reporting and by keeping our promises, we earn the trust of our investors. This approach allows us to build a following of partners who stick with us year after year, rather than our having to constantly devote a major portion of our time to finding new investors. This in turn allows us to focus primarily on maintaining tightly managed administration and operations, which of course works to our mutual benefit.




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